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Do you need insurance after 65?


Do you need insurance after 65?

A discussion between a prospective client (“C”) and myself the advisor (“A”).
A:  “Why are all your insurance plans term policies?”

C:  “My financial planner told me […]


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GEN Client Appreciation Event 2014

New Year – Check!
CNY – Check!
Valentine’s Day – Check!
Labour Day – Check!
National Day – Checking soon…!
GEN Client Appreciation – We didn’t forget!
And…It just doesn’t get better than this!  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shaw Theater Lido @ Orchard, Mouthwatering food, You, Me, Lots of fun and on a leisure Saturday afternoon!

Plus everything is […]



A little determination for a great fortune

A little determination for a great fortune.

With news of the cost of living rising every year, it is no doubt that the amount of savings that everyone can have is going down, assuming that wage […]

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“Ready to retire but not retire ready”

“Ready to retire but not retire ready”

Ms S, decides to retire at 50.

She already have been actively saving and have built up a portfolio of insurance, savings and investments prior to the decision to retire […]

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Quarterly Client Newsletter Issue Sixteen 2014

In this Issue…
• Raising Financially-smart kids

• PIAS Model Portfolios Update for Q3

• PIAS Investment Outlook for Q4

• PIAS Awards and Accolades

Click here to read more…

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