7 Days Financial Planning Starter Series (Sent Daily by Email)

This Companion Series Will Help You Think About and Answer The Fundamental Financial Planning Questions You Have Today!

Been thinking of getting your “financial house” in order but wants to do your homework first before consulting with a financial planner?

This starter series is where we recommend you and many of our clients (before they become clients) to start from.

We know that it is not a good experience to sit down with a financial planner on the first meeting and be asked a series of vague and open-ended questions when you have not had the opportunity to think about much less prepare for the questions. How you wish at that moment you had something to read up before the meeting so that you don’t feel and look so bad.

This is why we created this series to help you get ready for financial planning. Packaged as a series of emails with attached in-depth articles, it is useful as a preparation program when you begin your financial planning journey or as a set of review notes to help you assess how well your financial plans are set up.

If you like the practical tips and advice about the following:

  • Are you making these financial mistakes?
  • Why even the rich become poor overnight?
  • Time to break away from your agent?
  • What’s your bigger picture?
  • What are you worth today?
  • Is your retirement in trouble?
  • Who would you save first?

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