GEN was founded in 2002 with the goal of serving clients through proper financial planning.

Fundamental to our belief is that for most people, financial planning should be done with the assistance of a professional.

It is not that financial planning is a very difficult thing to learn.

The real challenge is that most people can’t find enough time to learn all that they need to learn in order to do a good job in organizing their financial plans.

Here is a Simple Test for You to Evaluate
If You are Ready to “Financial-Advise” Yourself.

Using not more than 3 words, complete the following sentence:

Financial planning is about…

It’s a test to see if you understand the essence of what financial planning is.

It is not about fact-finding discussions, it is not about insurance, savings or investments and it’s certainly not about commissions, fees and charges.

These are the common topics that people have in mind when they think about financial planning but that is not where the true north is.

For us, we complete the sentence in three words.

Interested to know more? Read about it in our philosophy.


Financial planning is about helping people cover the gaps between where they are now and where they want to be. These values guide our actions in helping clients cover their “GAPSS”.


$24.48m of assets under advice

$5.45m of successful medical insurance claims made

$2.70m of successful life insurance claims made

690 employees entrusting us with their employee’s benefit plans

*Updated as of Dec 2018