Retirement Planning When “We’re on Our Own” (WOO)!

31st Oct 2020

10 am – 11 am

Online Zoom Webinar


You may be Single, Married Without Kids, or just simply have the mindset of not wanting to rely on others for your retirement. While you may not have to plan your vacations around school holidays and have the benefit of spending all your resources on yourselves, have we spared a thought on how retirement planning may be different from you?

How do you compare to someone who has a shoulder, and his/her wallet, to lean on financially? What are the pitfalls and boobytraps that WOOs like yourself have to watch out for? How should WOOs be making their financial plans in order to retire with ease?

These are strange times we live in. We have come to accept most work can be done remotely. Online yoga sessions are dime a dozen. Airlines take people on flights to nowhere. Interest rates are at unbelievably low levels, and in some countries, you may have to pay the bank to take your deposits. How then, do we grow our money to fund our retirement life if financial resources are the only thing we can count on, with no fall-back plan? Do we, as a WOO, delay our retirement planning due to uncertainties? How do we mitigate the risks of retirement as a WOO, especially at the stage of life where we require substantial help in carrying out simple activities of day-to-day living?


While retirement planning for a WOO is a complex topic, we want to raise awareness, within an hour, the issues and challenges WOOs face, so that they are better equipped to examine their own circumstances and take the next steps.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

1. Phases of retirement and retirement risks, for WOOs

2. Annuities, and ways to grow money

3. Long term care options for WOOs – Not as highly discussed as hospitalisation, but are they costly?

4. What WOOs should do to retire with ease


Date: 31 October 2020
Time: 10 am to 11 am
Location: Online Zoom Webinar
Cost: $10

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Speaker Profiles:

Leon Loh, Financial Services Consultant, believes that financial planning can help everyone regardless of their situation, and inaction leads to missed opportunities.

He seeks to focus on investment and retirement planning, as he feels most are inadequate in these areas. He is a Certified Practising Accountant, and also holds an MBA.

Esther Lee, Associate Financial Planner, is passionate about sharing and guiding friends and clients on their journey to achieve financial independence early and retire with ease to pursue their passions, interests and service to bless others.


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