A Little Determination For A Great Fortune


With news of the cost of living rising every year, it is no doubt that the amount of savings that everyone can have is going down, assuming that wage increase is lower than inflation. Does looking at your own bank account actually give you motivation, or does it give you stress?

Here are 3 simple ways to aid you towards your journey of saving up for your goals and everything that you wanted.

1. “Forgotten Money”

The easiest money you can save is the money that you didn’t know you have in the first place. Remember the first piggy bank that your mother set up for you when you were a very young kid? That’s right, you were forced, persuaded or encouraged to put a certain portion of your meagre pocket money into these cute little boxes. Soon, it becomes a habit and you forget about the fact that you have this money. Guess what, that money accumulated and you can do it now as an adult too. This time, however, we shall not use little piggy banks but cashless banking systems instead. Start a new bank account and set it up so that a portion of your income goes into this bank account even before you start to spend a single dollar. Yes, this works like CPF, as it instills discipline in saving, except with the added benefit of being able to utilize the money as and when you wish.

The only money that stays and grows is the money that is forgotten.

2. “Milk them dry”

This is for all of you who are employed in great companies who take good care of their employees. Go to your company’s Human Resource department and enquire about the benefits that the company actually supplies the employees with. Needing a coffee fix every morning? There might be a cheap 40 to 50 cent coffee machine just around the corner. Addicted to newspaper reading? Your company might actually provide free daily newspapers for you. Looking for upgrading courses? Your company might be sponsoring or subsidising for exactly the same course you are looking for. Don’t feel guilty for using all these benefits because the company has already allocated funds for it – if you don’t use them, it’s wasted anyway.

There is nothing shameful in getting help to succeed, but it would be a shame to allow pride to prevent you from succeeding.

3. “May I have your attention please.”

This is easily one of the most effective methods in aiding you against this seemingly impossible conquest. Tell everyone your wish to save more money especially those that interact with you every single day. Chances are, your true friends and love ones will offer you support and plan outings that are within your budgets. With this one action, you instantly eliminate those who are actually trying to suck you dry from those who will support you in whatever decisions you will make in the future. On the plus point, you get to save more money in return, effectively killing 2 birds with one stone. The additional commitment and pressure in which you get from telling everyone will help you shape the people around you to help you in your goals as well.

Your environment is made up of everything around you, including yourself. You can allow the environment to change you, or you can change the environment.

Have fun saving and remember to smile when you look at your bank account every month.

Story By Andy Tan

Email : andy.tan@proinvest.com.sg


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