A Guide To A Right Career.

In the course of my work, I’ve had the opportunity to spend many hours in interviews and career discussions with young and ambitious students looking for their first real full time job.

Naturally, it is a stressful decision.  It is absolutely important to get the first step precisely right in building your résumé.  Or is it?

While it certainly helps to have a good first step, seldom will one’s first job be the defining career moment of their working life.  More often than not, it is the first step in a journey of many steps of self-discovery.

I had my “career epiphany” only after 8 years of working.  I hope you’ll have yours much sooner but whatever your situation may be, the following are the 3 best ideas I’ve creamed from my personal experience that I hope can help you as you begin your thousand steps journey.

Good luck!


3 “Must Remember” Ideas For Your Career Steps


1. Learning Not Income

It is natural to equate the attractiveness of a job by how much you will be paid for doing it.  While income is part of the equation, it is not the equation.

When you are young, your future potential is much more valuable than your current ability.  Another way to say it is that you are hired for your potential.

Between 2 offers where one pays you more and another that teaches you more, always choose the later.  You can always change for a better paying job later but you can never get back the year that you wasted not growing and learning.


2. Testimonies Not Titles

Sometimes, I come across candidates in interviews that show a desire to secure jobs that have impressive titles.  While it will help in the paper résumé, what really counts is the “people résumé”.

When you are capable and other people takes notice, you will get much more and much better opportunities that what you can get by sending out a good résumé.

Focus your attention on doing a better job than expected and bring more value that what you are paid no matter what the job title is.  The starting point is finding the right type of work that you are passionate about which will make being excellent natural.


3. The Person You Become

This perhaps is the most important of the 3 ideas.

Ultimately, it is not about the money (although you do need to make sure you are rewarded reasonably) nor the job title you have. What really matters is the person you become for doing the job.

Pick jobs, especially when you are young, which makes you a better person. A good job is one that helps you build the right work ethics, allows you to improve on your weaknesses in a supporting environment and grooms you to grow fully in areas of your unique strengths and abilities.  Spend time to learn about the culture of the organization and the “people environment”.

The right choice can be life-changing.


Lee Meng Choe

Financial Services Director



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