One of the most challenging periods for an individual is life in their 30s to 40s. It is the age where they experience the pressure of being in the sandwich generation with the most responsibilities as they have to juggle many hats – family, career, liabilities.

They might be going through the stress of shouldering the weight of their family’s needs and the added responsibilities they have at work. During this period, they rarely have time for themselves as most of their time and efforts are given to others.

Therefore, they spend less time taking care of their health and spend most of their time striving for their career goals and taking care of their family.

Many tend to neglect the fact that personal health is equally important. They fail to realise that if they were to be struck with a Critical Illness, they and their family will be in emotional and financial distress and everything will have to come to a stop.

Being sick is stressful enough, therefore, having to worry about financial woes should be the last thing on their mind. Many patients realise that when a Critical Illness occurs, they incur a substantial amount of out-of-pocket expenses for their care, transportation, medication, changes in their diet and outsourcing of dependent care. As they recuperate and pause work for a while, they will have to deplete their savings for their living expenses, which is not ideal.

Therefore, we have designed this service to make sure in the event of Critical Illness, you will not experience financial distress or any change in lifestyle, but focus on recuperation and spending time with your family instead.

This service will help you to review the following:

1. Review how much Critical Illness coverage is adequate for you
2. Stress Test your existing coverage and resources should Critical Illness occurs
3. Restructuring portfolio for cost-efficiency
4. Compare and recommend a suitable solution if applicable

Bonus: compilation of ALL your existing policies

Cost: $128

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