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How to Plan Your Finances Your Way:
Women’s Webinar on Financial Planning with Money Personalities

16 Sept 2023

10:15 am – 11 am



We understand – life can get incredibly hectic and finding time for ourselves can be quite a challenge. We may constantly find ourselves being distracted. That’s why, it is good to take a step back and pay attention to ourselves. To pay attention to our thoughts, feelings and actions, including our relationship with money.

When we are mindful of this relationship, we are more aware of our spending habits, our financial goals, and our emotions around money. This awareness can help us to make better financial decisions that are aligned with our values.

In this webinar, you can:

1. Discover Your Money Personalities

Join us as we uncover the 4 distinct money personalities that shape your relationship with money. From savvy savers to spontaneous spenders, we have got them all covered.

2. Harness Your Money Personality For Financial Planning

Are you a risk taker or a practical planner? Find out how to turn your inherent tendencies into a financial game plan that actually suits you. Our webinar is your guide to connecting the dots between your money personality and effective financial planning.

3. Unlock the GEN Financial Game Plan

Picture having a personalized financial plan in stages. That’s where our GEN Building Transferable Wealth concepts come in! This plan brings clarity to your financial path, saving you valuable time and infusing your financial journey with meaning. Don’t let your busy schedule hold you back. This is a chance to gain invaluable financial insights and have some fun along the way.


Date: 16 Sept 2023, Saturday
Time: 10:15 am to 11 am
Venue: Zoom 

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About The Speakers

Lee Meng, Executive Financial Services Consultant, is a certified Chartered Financial Practitioner with a primary focus of using the “Building Transferable Wealth” concept in solving the financial issues for her personal clients.

She also specializes in helping companies formulate a proper plan to integrate employee benefits into their culture.

Find out more about Lee Meng at http://www.gen.com.sg/leemeng

Jasmine Tan, Financial Services Consultant, is a certified Associate Wealth Planner with a passion in retirement and critical illness planning for young families, pre-retirees, and retirees.

She believes these two areas are inter-dependent and should be planned for holistically instead of separately.

She is particularly passionate in this area because she sees them as being able to create the biggest impact for the next generations.

Find out more about Jasmine Tan at http://www.gen.com.sg/jasminetan


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