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Premium Financing For Annuity Plans – Should You Consider Doing It For Retirement Planning?

20 Apr 2022

8:15 pm – 9 pm

Online ZOOM Webinar



Premium financing is a loan facility provided by banks to fund part of the insurance premium of an insurance policy. This option is often introduced as an option to consider in the setting up of an annuity plan for retirement.

On one hand, having premium financing will introduce a loan and its associated risks to your retirement yet on the other hand, there are the benefits of a lower financial commitment and potentially higher returns that can positively impact your retirement.

This webinar is designed to provide a financial planning perspective on premium financing so that the participants will be equipped with the understanding to decide if premium financing is right for them in their retirement planning journey.

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Get a clear understanding of what is premium financing
  • Understand the risks of premium financing
  • Know what are the key financial planning considerations for premium financing

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What exactly is premium financing?
  • What are the 3 key risks of premium financing?
  • What are the 3 key financial planning considerations for premium financing?
  • Examples of premium financing in retirement planning
  • Questions and Answers


Date: 20 Apr 2022, Wednesday
Time: 8:15 pm to 9 pm
Venue: Zoom

This webinar is for invited guests only (Webinar details will be provided upon registration approval)

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About Your Presenter, Mr Lee Meng Choe:

Meng Choe specialises in retirement planning for people in the pre-retirement phase which he defines as within 10 years from retirement.

He started as a financial planner in 2001 and is a Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP). You can learn more about him here.

Read his personal message about why he decided to build this webinar:

“I have been getting more and more enquiries from clients if they should use premium financing to fund the purchase of an annuity plan. They are usually told that the cost of financing or the interest rate of the loan is lower than the returns of the annuity thus it is a good idea. To me, this is looking at the purchase of an annuity as an investment decision rather than a retirement planning decision.

This approach may cause greed, over commitment and bad financial outcomes as both annuities and financing are not designed or intended to behave or function as investments.

To me, the purchase of an annuity plan is a retirement planning decision and the use of premium financing should be considered as such as well. Having a clear understanding of the risks and rewards of premium financing and how it can impact your retirement needs is key to using premium financing the right way.

I hope that this webinar can give you the necessary knowledge and confidence the next time premium financing is introduced to you.”


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