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Retirement Planning in Singapore – How To Use Private Annuities To Effectively Complement CPF Life?

16, 23 & 30 July 2024

8:15 pm to 9:15 pm

Online ZOOM Webinar



Thinking about how our retirement will play out is already a complex exercise, planning our finances to provide well for retirement is an even more difficult challenge. But, why is retirement planning so difficult and complex?

The reason is surprisingly simple – retirement is a journey of no guarantees. For most people, retirement typically comes in phases, there are a multitude of risks and we only have one time to get it right (and without any prior rehearsal). In other words, no guarantees, a lot of uncertainty, no opportunity to rehearse and no room for failure.

Ideally, we hope that there is a silver bullet – that one special product or action – that if we just commit to can solve all our retirement planning problems. The reality (and you probably can guess by now) is that there is no silver bullet for retirement planning and the only way we improve our odds of making this “journey of no guarantees” successful and enjoyable is to plan and prepare properly in advance.

CPF Life is an integral part of retirement planning in Singapore but CPF Life by itself is not a silver bullet. Complementing CPF Life with other plans that provides different benefits is an important starting point in retirement planning.

This webinar is designed to specifically to help you understand the annuity options available to complement CPF Life and how you can complement CPF with private annuities to create a customised retirement income portfolio for yourself.

After attending this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the factors you should consider in planning your retirement
  • Know what are annuities and where do they fit in for retirement planning
  • Use financial planning considerations in customising your retirement income strategy

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is Retirement Planning?
  • The Three Phases of Retirement
  • The Four Major Risks in Retirement
  • The Five Types of Annuities
  • How to complement CPF Life with Private Annuities (includes case studies)

This webinar is suitable for:

  • People who are not investment savvy and requires an alternative to retirement income besides income from investment based assets such as real estate or equities
  • People who are 10 years or less from expected or planned retirement
  • People who are considering annuity for their retirement but is not sure how to start
  • People who have retired but have yet to set up a long term retirement income strategy
  • People considering using private annuities as an asset class to diversify their retirement portfolio

Choose The Webinar Date:

16 July Webinar Details:

Date: 16 July 2024, Tuesday
Time: 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Venue: Zoom

This webinar is open to public and GEN clients.

23 July Webinar Details:

Date: 23 July 2024, Tuesday
Time: 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Venue: Zoom

This webinar is open to public and GEN clients.

30 July Webinar Details:

Date: 30 July 2024, Tuesday
Time: 8:15 pm to 9:15 pm
Venue: Zoom

This webinar is open to public and GEN clients.

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