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Webinar For Teachers – How To Invest Your CONNECT Plan Payout

10 Sept 2022

10 am – 11 am

Online ZOOM Webinar

Complimentary for Teachers

Are you a Teacher at a MOE school who is receiving periodic CONNECT Plan payouts? Have you always wondered what you could be doing with such payouts? Have you thought about investing some, or all of it so that you can grow your wealth for retirement? Or, maybe you have been investing your payouts through various channels, but are unaware of what is going on with your portfolio recently in the midst of financial turmoil?

For teachers to have a fulfilling retirement, there are 5 simple steps to follow, as we discussed in our acclaimed webinar, ‘Retirement Planning for Teachers – 5 Simple Steps to Excel’. One of those steps, is to invest the CONNECT Plan payouts.

In this webinar, we will be discussing why teachers specifically, should consider investing their CONNECT Plan payouts, what financial investments are, what our investment philosophy is, and how we help our clients invest. This will help teachers diversify away from being a pure “walking bond”, which their human capital is. By using their CONNECT Plan payouts for financial investments, teachers can generate wealth for their lifestyle needs in retirement, thereby putting the icing on the cake.

With planned salary increase of between 5 and 10% for teachers from October 1, there is an opportunity for teachers to free up resources from their CONNECT Plan payouts to invest in themselves financially, and for retirement. Come and hear from the team of top producers in investments to understand how!


Date: 10 Sept 2022, Saturday
Time: 10 am to 11 am
Venue: Zoom

This webinar is open to all teachers.

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Personal Notes from Speakers:

Read the speakers personal messages about why they decided to build this webinar for teachers.

Lee Meng
Executive Financial Services


“Most of the teachers I work with generally understand the need to invest and they want to be successful investors, especially when I bring up to them the point that investing helps to create a secondary income.

However, they are more hesitant to invest because of the inability to relate to the concepts of investing.

This is due to the lack of time due to the many responsibilities that they are juggling in school and at home as well as not being able to relate to the materials used in investment planning which are typically presented in rows of numbers and facts that they find difficult to relate to.”

Leon Loh
Financial Services

“The teachers I work with, understand they need to invest and put their money to work. Many know that financial solutions like savings and fixed deposit accounts, yield a very low rate and will lead to a loss of purchasing power due to inflation, especially given what we see at current levels.

Many are however, apprehensive. Some have heard stories of fellow teachers or friends getting burnt in investments. Some think investments are just dodgy ‘get rich quick’ schemes and hence, shun them. There are lots of misconceptions on investments and here we will address some of them.”

Lois Chua
Financial Services

“Teachers I work with often have a desire to grow their wealth but mull over the topic of “investing” because the word itself suggests that it requires lots of research to be done before an informed decision can be made.

It doesn’t help that the internet is overloaded with financial materials and differing opinions of financial bloggers, which further complicates the subject matter. It is thus understandable that teachers defer their investment making decisions due to a lack of time and understanding on this topic.

However, investing can actually be straight-forward and understood in a simpler manner. Come join us to find out what true investing is and how having an investment philosophy can simplify your wealth decision-making.”

Come join us and we promise that no complex charts, graphs or rows of projections will be shown!


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