Retirement Seminar – “SRS – Should I do it for tax savings?”

Retirement Seminar: SRS - SHOULD I DO IT FOR TAX SAVINGS? 7 DEC 2018 SRS is quite a complex scheme with rules around putting money in and [...]


Health Seminar HEART TO HEART ABOUT CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE SEMINAR 17 AUG 2018 Did you know that 1 in 10 Singaporeans suffering from stroke is aged under 50? [...]

Making Sense Workshop – How to be a Good Financial Mum and Dad – 19 May 2018

Making Sense Workshop: HOW TO BE A GOOD FINANCIAL MUM AND DAD 19 MAY 2018 Our mission statement in GEN is "Impacting GENerations" for financial planning is not about [...]

Making Sense Seminar – Retiring in Style – Are you Prepared?

Making Sense Seminar: RETIRING IN STYLE - ARE YOU PREPARED?  26 MAY 2018 We all know that Singapore has an ageing population issue. What you may not [...]