One of the greatest transitional periods of a woman’s life is during her midlife – the challenging period between younger and older adulthood.

During this period, many women experience a range of situational transitions such as caregiving responsibilities for parents, marriage problems, giving birth, and adjusting to adolescent children.

At the same time, they may be going through the biological transition of menopause, as well as other health problems, work problems and lastly, financial stress.

While transitions involving relationships and health issues may not be as easily resolved, financial stress is one challenge that can be overcome by education and strong guidance. Often, people hesitate to ask for help in this area to avoid being asked to commit to financial products.

Hence, we have designed a Retirement Clarity Package to equip women in this age group with the mental tools to constantly review and take action towards their financial success, without the worry of being sold another product they may not need.


The first phase is the “Go-Go’’ years, where we “go” do the things we have always wanted to do, such as going on trips and enjoying our time with our friends.

The second phase is called the “Slow-Go” phase where people “slow” into a regular and fixed lifestyle and retirement expenses start to stabilize during this phase.

Finally, the last phase is the “No-Go” years where we are “no” longer independent, instead becoming more in need of long-term care.


  • At what age you would like to start your initial retirement years (i.e. Go-Go years)
  • If you still need to work during your Go-Go years
  • The amount of fixed expenses you will need to maintain during the “Slow-Go” phase
  • What your monthly retirement income projection will look like during the 3 phases
  • If you will need to “un-retire” at any phase and go back to work for work income

This package will be held over two sessions, which you can choose to meet up in person, or over Zoom for your convenience.

> Session 1:

This will take around 45 minutes, during which I will introduce and lead you through the CHECKLIST, to answer the questions listed above.

> Session 2:

I will do a PERSONALISED CALCULATION for you on how to achieve your goals for retirement income based on your checklist and expenses analysis that we have established in the first session.

Just for this year, to commemorate 2021 as the Year of Celebrating SG Women, this package which usually costs $200, will be offered at the special rate of $100.

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It is time to equip yourself for your retirement success!


Why am I doing this program?

Very often, the women I’ve spoken to feel judged for not saving enough or carry a sense of guilt for not being forward-looking enough in their thinking and planning. This results in a very large hesitance for them to seek help for or start on their financial planning journey.

This is something that I can very much relate to, being a woman myself. I am doing this program to allow these women a validating conversation, where they can feel freed up to ask even the most basic financial questions, and they can build a relationship with someone who can continue to guide them along as they grow in financial confidence.

About Lee Meng

Lee Meng, Executive Financial Services Consultant, is a certified Chartered Financial Practitioner with a primary focus of using the “Building Transferable Wealth” concept in solving the financial issues for her personal clients.

She also specializes in helping companies formulate a proper plan to integrate employee benefits into their culture.

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