Why Not Let Us Do It For You?


Hi There, Thank you for using our resource :-)

Have the GEN Insurance Toolkit served its purpose of helping you find out exactly what you have when it some to insurance protection and coverage?

Perhaps, like many others, you have not yet found the time to do what has to be done.

We can appreciate that for this is exactly the reason why we exist – to help you save time.

And not only time.

You will have noticed that the Toolkit you downloaded has quite a generic format. The good thing is that it is suitable for almost everyone with all types of insurance policies. The flip side is that it is not personalized.

As you flip the pages of your policies, you might come across unfamiliar terms like “extended income” or “crisis waiver”. While we have created extra rows for you to include these additions, you may not know what they are and how they work.

To assist you, you can refer to the following:

  • Death : Amount claimable in the event of Death
  • TPD (Total & Permanent Disability) : Amount claimable in the event of the loss of use of at least 2 limbs (i.e. eye, hand and leg)
  • EXT.DISABILITY (Extended Disability) : Ongoing amount claimable yearly in the event of TPD usually payable until age 65
  • ​CI (Critical Illness) : Amount claimable in the event of a diagnosis of 30 defined medical conditions in the contract
  • ​Accident (Accidental Death) : Amount claimable in the event of death by accident
  • Long Term Care : Ongoing amount claimable monthly in the event of disability defined as loss of ability to perform activities of daily living (e.g. Dressing, Washing, Feeding, Toileting, Mobility and Transferring)
  • ​H&S (Hospital & Surgical) : Coverage on a reimbursement basis for medical expenses incurred during hospitalization in terms of type of hospitals and wards
  • ​Hospital Cash Daily : Claimable per day of hospital stay
  • Ownership of Dep. Policy : Ownership in policies for dependents (i.e. spouse and/or children) where insurance coverage is present

At the end of the day, the toolkit must serve it’s purpose of bringing you clarity as to what insurance you have.

If you don’t even know what you have, you most certainly cannot take the next step of figuring out if you have enough and then ultimately, to make sure have enough.

To help you along, we are offering a Complimentary Service to help you consolidate your policies.
No gimmicks, No obligations and yes, No cost.

Also, in the style that we provide for our clients – COMPREHENSIVE, PERSONALIZED and NEAT.




But before we provide you the step to sign up, please let me explain the process so that you understand how we do it.

Organizing insurance policies is something we do daily in GEN. We have ready formats we can use and we have years of experience of summarizing insurance policies so the time taken for us is a fraction of what an inexperienced and under-resourced layperson will use.

However, organizing insurance policies is not the only thing we do. We are an active, productive and successful group of financial advisors and with it, we have on-going service obligations to our clients who naturally gets our priority attention (incidentally, we do insurance consolidations for all our clients).

So, for us to help you, we need your help too..

Our requirement is simple – that you bring your policies to our office during usual office hours. This is because we want to ensure the proper takeover of the policies by a trained staff and provide you with a safe-keep voucher.

Your policies will then be assigned to a GEN planner (a licensed financial advisor) who will contact you by the next working day to provide an initial contact point.

Thereafter, our promise is simple – We will return your policies to you, fully consolidated, within 3 working days from the call.

For this complimentary arrangement to work, the essence is time. A time commitment on your part and a time promise on ours.

Some of our clients suggested to us that we should charge at the very least, an administration fee. We felt that it’s best to keep it free because the intention is always to helping like-minded people who believes in the importance of insurance.

If you are ready, click the button below and fill up the form and we will contact you to arrange for a policy drop-off.

Signing off,

GEN Service Team

P.S. You can also check our task based fee service for a comprehensive review of your insurance needs