Top 5 Medishield Life Questions…from you!

It’s a hot topic. You see it in newspapers. You see it on television. Recently, it’s even in your mailboxes. If you feel that you have been seeing “Medishield Life” everywhere, you are probably right.

The good news is that Medishield Life is a good and positive thing. The better news is that I have made it simple for you to know all you have to know…for now.

Here are the top 5 questions clients ask that do not appear on the Medishield Life “Frequently Ask Questions”:

1. Am I involved?

Of course! As long as you are a Singapore citizen or PR, you’re in!

2. Coverage good or not?

That depends on your choice of care when you fall sick.

If you are happy with sharing a room with 5 other people (air con probably not included) – that’s ward B2 in government hospitals – Medishield Life is good.

If you prefer more privacy and choice of doctor in private practice, you may want to consider enhancing.

3. So I got 2 plans?

Nope. There’s only one plan but 2 parts – Medishield Life and if you’ve enhanced it with a private insurer, an additional portion for more coverage.

4. Do I need to do anything?

Nothing. Everyone is automatically included in Medishield Life. See Question 1.

5. What’s the big deal about this?

No big deal if you are already covered under private integrated shield plans that’s “as charged” as you are already covered beyond the enhancements.

This will be good news for people who previously opted out of Medishield and subsequently have health conditions which makes them not eligible to be covered under Medishield. Now, they’ll be automatically included in the scheme.

The only action item for the time being is to make sure you get your entitled subsidies. The computation of subsidies given is based on government databases which means it is important for you to update your NRIC addresses.

For more information about Medishield Life, you can come here.

I hope this simple article have been enjoyable and simple enough for you to understand a topic that could be quite complicated for some.

Article by Tay Siew Ling, ChFC


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