Investment Risk Profiling Tool for DCA Suitability

To start an investment programme, you will need to evaluate your risk profile. One’s risk profile is dictated by factors such as finance considerations (for example, commitments) and risk tolerance (primarily influenced by personality). This tool, helps you understand your risk profile, and in turn, which categories of funds are suitable for you as an investor.

With this information, you will have a better sense of the type of portfolio (a mix of funds) that suits you most, and which funds within the portfolio can be invested using DCA. As funds are a basket of individual stocks or bonds, they may or may not exhibit characteristics which fit the DCA way of investing. Generally, riskier funds which display greater volatility fulfil the conditions for DCA better.

Other considerations, apart from your risk profile, including diversification (for example, do you already have significant exposure to a particular geography or sector?), market outlook, and overall financial planning. Do reach out to your financial advisor for help!

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