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Leon Lee
Financial Services Consultant

RNF No. LLM300038680
Bachelor’s Degree in Economics

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March 2021
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Something About Me…

Prior to joining the financial planning industry back in 2019, I had my mind set on a completely different career path. Unfortunately, my Mum went through her second cancer relapse just after I graduated. Countless bills and decisions had to be settled to which there was no one to really turn to. That was when I realised that not only financial planning was pivotal in our lives, but also having someone that I could turn to in those moments of need.

So I decided that instead of searching for that someone, I decided that I wanted to become that pillar of support for the people around me, making sure that in their moment of need, I will be there.

Two years into the business, my goal stays alive in wanting to make sure that my clients go through their lives not needing to worry the way I did. I continuously look forward to be that trusted advisor that my friends and family can turn to in their moment of need.

I Specialize In…

Critical Illness, medical insurance and Retirement Planning.

The goal is simple, we insure the most important asset we have, ourselves. Insurance planning forms the foundation to which we build our wealth through our lives. Not only do we insure ourselves against the uncertainty of life, but we insure ourselves against the risk of outliving our money.

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

I actually get to have conversations, deep meaningful conversations with the people I work with. Beyond the numbers and the policies, It comes to being able to have an honest conversation about my client’s priorities and desires. The relationship that forms after becomes irreplaceable.

My most treasured memory at work…

When a client told me “I’m glad I chose you after meeting everyone else. I really get why having that one advisor that has my back is so important now”.

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