The Solutions Revolution

February 2016

By Aberdeen Asset Management

“Change alone is unchanging.”
– Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, c535BC

Heraclitus was known for his belief that change is central to the universe “Everything changes and nothing stands still”. Fifteen hundred years later, the impermanence of financial, social, economic and environmental conditions is not only accepted, but something we can use to our advantage.

Over the past decade investors have seemingly been on an exponential learning curve and asset managers have had to stay one step ahead to survive. Consistent with Heraclitus’ thesis, the way clients invest and the way asset managers’ engage with clients has changed forever.

Asset managers can no longer simply sell a raft of disconnected products, and management fees need to be earned by delivering more than just performance. Successful firms have expanded their repertoire to include Solutions but what exactly does providing “Solutions” mean? And what is driving this shift?

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