The Financial Mistake You Cannot Afford

Have you ever woken up in the morning and said enthusiastically to yourself…

“Today I’m going to limit my spending to just $150 on everything, after all that’s what my financial planner told me to do. Then I shall put aside another $45 each day for my retirement and by the time I’m 65 I would have a nice sum of money to live on.”

Sounds a little idealistic doesn’t it?

If you’ve been doing something similar to this, we dare say that you’re on the right track. For most of us however, financial planning looks like a chore doesn’t it?

But Is Financial Planning Really That Important?

Have you ever saved up for something you really wanted but it cost a little too much above your pay grade.

Think back to that time when you made a conscientious effort to set aside a little every month till the day you had saved up enough.

How did it feel when you finally got your hands on it?

It took discipline and hard work to achieve your goals but the reward was amazing wasn’t it?

So here’s the thing…

Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider what you have to do if these were your new life goals?

  • Wedding
  • Honeymoon
  • HDB
  • Children’s Education
  • Children’s Wedding
  • Annual Trip Overseas
  • Retirement
  • Your Legacy

But I Don’t Believe In Financial Planning

Wooah… Hold on a minute…

I hear this statement quite often and it surprises me to be frank. Is financial planning a religion?

Maybe for some it is but for the majority of us, financial planning isn’t something you can believe in.

Rather it is the activities and steps you take to achieve your life goals.

Let’s clarify what financial planning is by first agreeing on what it is not:

  • It’s not a religion to believe in
  • It’s not only about investment and speculation of the best stocks to buy
  • It’s not about buying a lot of insurance
  • It’s not putting all your savings into a piggy bank or a fixed deposit
  • It’s not even about the financial instruments you should buy

Well Then, What Is It About?


Your major life goals and how to achieve them!

The instruments are just tools for you to use. But without a plan in place, without an end destination in mind, the journey might become tougher than it needs to.

Many people today believe it is perfectly alright to leave planning to the last minute.

They believe that when the time comes, they’ll figure something out. But they’ve forgotten one thing very important about life.

Time is short.

Between money, skills and time. There is one item there that can never be replaced.

When you lose an hour, you can never get it back. 2012 has been long over and gone. The Y2K bug of the new millennium was a long time ago. Time as a resource is ticking away…

Have you started investing in yourself?

Because that is what financial planning aims to do… building a better future for yourself and your family through your actions today.

Too many people make the mistake of not investing in themselves until it is too late.

It could be through a savings account, it could be in a property or it could even be in a new skill set.

The thing is, you have to be investing in yourself.

It is a pity not enough people today are doing that and making this huge mistake.

Please DON’T follow them.