“Our Most Important Service is Helping Our Clients be Organized for Life’s Major Events

The work of a financial planner is significant.

It is about impacting an individual’s life at moments where it really matters and in a very practical way. A good financial plan creates enough just to pay the bills but a great financial plan takes away regret, fears and worries.

In GEN, We Believe that
The Planning is Only As Good As The Process of Implementation.

Our services can best be described as providing a unique GEN client experience that brings together the 5 Ps:



We believe that having a deep clarity of what financial planning is about is essential before starting on any actual financial planning work. It’s the plan before the planning.

It is so important to us that we have developed our own in-house financial planning concept. You can find out more about our concept here.


Financial planners must always act in the best interest of their clients.

To us in GEN, this is not a client pitch, this is our client creed. It is not something we can easily prove so we strive to demonstrate our professionalism by our standards in education, involvement and contribution.

You can find out more about our people here.


There is an old saying that “It takes a village to raise a child”. We are sure many first time parents can attest to this.

By the same token, it takes much more than an individual financial planner to deliver a good plan to the client.

GEN is a innovative firm that provides the platform which allows the financial planners to focus on solving their clients financial planning problem.


Financial advising is a regulated activity and the work we do is subject to audit and checks.

We adhere to a six step planning process with a full time supervisory team to ensure that quality advice is delivered to clients at every meeting.


A major benefit to being a leading financial advisory firm is having access to a comprehensive range of products and services available to solve our clients’ financial problems.

This allows us to focus solely on our client’s needs. This not only give our clients value for money, it also save them time from having to do any comparison of products.