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“My belief is that everyone that we touch must have a chance for a good life.”


Chief Executive Officer

RNF No. LCW200165649
B.Bus (Banking), FChFP, AFP

Something About Me…

I graduated from NTU in 1996, specializing in Banking. After joining the banking industry for 3 years, I entered the financial planning industry in 1999.

Currently, I’m a Chief Executive Officer leading a team of highly productive financial planners specializing in working with clients to build transferrable wealth.

My belief is that everyone that we touch must have a chance for a good life. However, what people lack of is planning. And we are here to make that difference in their lives. I call that “Impacting Generations”.

My vision is to be a leader in the industry and to set new standards in the wealth management, because the job of a financial planner should not be peddling policies, but drafting out a comprehensive long term wealth management plan. This should be coupled with a wide range of products and services to suit all financial needs.

The good news is that we’re providing such products and services to all our clients.

I Specialize In…

Wealth Accumulation, Legacy and Retirement Planning for the emerging affluent to affluent clients.

As life expectancy increases and given the relatively high standard of living in Singapore, a holistic strategy on financial planning would be needed for these group of clients.

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

Being able to help people as long as they want protection from the unpredictable for the financial security for their family, bright future for their children and next generation, a happy and sustainable retirement.

And I’m motivated to enhance lives of others and getting their financial in place.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

Financial success is
Not how much you earn that matters,
But how much you save,
How much your saving can work harder
And how many generations you can keep it for.
Thus, good planning must come with good implementation.


“I have known Shaun for more than a decade. He has always been passionate about his work and has a genuine interest in achieving the best for his clients. Keep up the great work, Shaun!”

Irene Lee

“Excellent financial planner advise from Shaun who is very patient in explaining each policy and the risks and benefits. He also listens to my needs and propose advice based on my needs.”

Chew Siew Cher

“A big thank you to Shaun, who has been a partner along our family’s journey through life. Shaun has been a constant through the ups and downs over the years, a trusted presence and advisor. We are looking forward to many more continued years with him!”

Alvin Looi

“Great personal follow up and plan according to individual needs. Shaun has ensure we have a worry free retirement plan and enjoy quality life along our journey together! Keep up the good job – 不忘初心!”

Wong Yee Ching

“Since my first meet up with Shaun, he has been helping me build up my retirement plan whilst ensuring that my family and I are adequately covered by insurance. After close to 20 yrs and yearly reviews with Shaun, my retirement plan has steadily grown and am now assured of a comfortable life after retirement. Thanks Shaun for the many years of advice and most importantly friendship. Cheers and wishing your team Merry Christmas and wonderful new year.”

Wilfred Wee

“Shaun has been our family’s trusted financial planner who is very responsive and knowledgeable. He always think in the shoes of his clients and introduce products which would be meaningful to our needs. Thank you for providing us with your professional advice thus far.”

Jennifer Xie

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