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Chew Shuxiang
Senior Financial Services Consultant

RNF No. CSX200166607
B. Bus (Econs and Finance), AFP, AWP, CFP

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November 2021
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Something About Me…

I’ve entered the financial industry at the end of 2007, right smack in the middle of the financial crisis and boy was it exciting.

Having gone through the full brunt of the crisis, I realized that if a person’s financial plans had been structured properly, the ride’s exhilarating.

Clients who have planned well are literally shopping for undervalued assets as if the supermarket was on sale!

On the flip side, those who have not protected themselves are hit by a heavy reset button on their net worth.

I Specialize In…

Helping my clients Build Transferrable Wealth. This is a proprietary concept which is like the Holy Grail/Game Plan to financial planning.

You may get a glimpse at our webpage here.

As a fresh grad whom just started out, a married couple navigating with a new-born, a pre-retiree aiming to increase your passive income, or a retiree planning to preserve your wealth and legacy, there is the game plan for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a game plan before you start a new level :-/

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

I see myself as a gatekeeper to my client’s portfolio and financial well-being, there’s two fronts to that. On the attacking front my aim is to grow my client’s net worth year on year. While on the defence side, a gatekeeper’s trait is to safeguard client’s net worth – I have to be brutally honest and touch on topics that may not be nice to ears.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

When values are clear, decisions are easy.

This has been my guiding principle for work and for life. I feel that people of this era are constantly being fed with options for their time, money, attention. If your values are clear and you are aware of your end goal, it’s easy to distinguish between distracting noises or a genuine problem to solve.

My Most Treasured Memory At Work…

I feel most “treasured” when there is a claim. It means the defence and safeguards we had put in placed have successfully protected the client from financial worries. A lot of such worries can be “transferred” with the right knowledge.

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