This website is unique.

As you find your way around, you will notice something different. The webpages were not designed to be interesting, they were designed to be useful. We want it to be useful immediately because we care, we worry, we are impacted and we are passionate in solving the financial planning problems and challenges our clients face.

In 2014, we helped to make $730,078 of successful medical insurance claims for our clients. In 2015, we helped to make $833,208 of successful medical insurance claims for our clients.

We believe that without us as the catalyst to fill the initiative gap, many of the over $1.5million of claims will not have happened because the insurance will not have been bought and successfully serviced in the first place.

Every time we made a claim, we learnt something. The experience is real and practical. The lessons learned should be shared to benefit many others.

But, we are not insurance agents
and our clients don’t only have a risk management problem.

Most of them expect to and will have a long and healthy life. The question is how do they make their lives financially pleasurable?

Saving and investing with the goal of creating retirement income is part of the solution. As of end 2015, our clients have invested over $16 million with us. Many have also taken concrete steps to start creating their retirement income.

We study, research and create strategies to help clients create a stream of retirement income complementing their existing CPF-Life scheme.

Every time when we successfully put in place a concrete retirement plan for a client, we learn something. The lessons learnt can be useful to many others.

This is the key, we did not put all these together to brag and impress you. Because we fully understand that we and our clients will not be good if everyone around us is not doing well, we want to help ourselves by helping everyone around us.

That is why we choose to “open source” our planning concepts, strategies, tips, wisdom, ideas and experiences.


If you only have time for one page, this is the one. Many people, financial planners included, are approaching financial planning from the point of product buying.

We think this is a mistake because products only cause more confusion and complexity. If the horse has to go before the cart, the plan must first be done before thinking about buying products.

The unique advantage for us in GEN is that we have a clear philosophy and we use the philosophy to guide the planning. Having a philosophy doesn’t just put the horse first, you make sure the horse have a place to run to.

If you want to deep dive into our GEN world, get a copy of the philosophy (we call it “Building Transferable Wealth Guide”) here:

>> Building Transferable Wealth Guide Request


If we have to use one word to describe the website, “Resource” is the word.

We put in an extraordinary amount of effort to create tools that we give away for free. This is how we can best help people who want to help themselves.

Our only condition – that you use them to improve your personal financial wellbeing and if they have been useful, to pass them on.

Here are some of the resources you can use immediately:

>> 7 days financial planning starter series
>> Investment Yield Calculator


These articles are predominantly written by us. We don’t write based on theory, we write the way we will advise our clients. The real life client’s stories we tell and the financial concepts we share are based on real life, practical experience of what works.

In short, over 100 years of collective financial wisdom by practicing financial planners on the topics of today.

Don’t read the articles to subscribe to our point of view. Read our articles to enhance your point of view. If you will use us as a trusted and professional second opinion on your financial matters, we will be happy and honored.

Here are a few of our most read articles:

>> Do you need insurance after 65
>> Medishield Life – should I remain or upgrade?
>> 5 Financial Planning blind spots in property investment

Finally, something about us…

We are a small group of about 30 financial planners who are extremely passionate about financial planning. We have a supportive group of clients to which we are extremely grateful to and because of that, we measure our significance uniquely from many of our peers. We don’t measure premium dollars or commissions earned, we measure successful claims and assets accumulated because to us, this is what really matters.

If our clients do well, we will do well.

Remember this, whether you have a financial planner or not, whether you have a written financial plan or not, whether you believe it or not, you are impacted in a very real way by the financial decisions you make or did not make.

Life is not about money but unless your cheque books are balanced, there is no opportunity for a balanced life. May this website contribute in ways, big or small, to your financial well being.

I wish you a happy and bountiful life where you will leave behind transferable wealth filled with significance.

Executive Director (Distribution) of GEN Financial Advisory

On behalf of all in GEN

P.S. This website is built and managed entirely on a voluntary basis by us. We are professional financial planners not writers or website designers. Please pardon us if the quality is not up to your expectations and we welcome your feedback at ask@gen.com.sg.