A Helpful and Trusted Agent is The Most Important

This email was sent to us by a client and with the exception of typographical amendments, we have left it unedited.

Mr Larry Ho, 45, Manufacturing Supervisor

You may be having a lot of Insurance plan…..But do you really understand which insurance that you buy are being cover what? And when there is something happen to you or your loved one, will the insurance agents that you buy the insurance plan really able to help and assist you???

As at end of Nov 2015, my wife was being diagnosed with cancer. When i try to call up my insurance agent for help to check on the insurance plan that we had bought, the agent since was not very helpful. As my wife had previously bought an insurance plan through another agent who is no longer taking care of it, we were referred to a financial adviser representative from GEN to help out on my wife insurance plan. This is the start when we happen to meet up with the new financial representative adviser from GEN, Ms Pamela Chong

It was on 8th January 2016 when we rang her up. Having explained that my wife was going to have a surgery soon and we needed advise to our hospitalization plan, she came down to meet us. She is very helpful and advice to us on the insurance plans that we had bought. Also she went one step further in helping us to go through the entire insurance plans that we had bought from different Insurance companies. She guided us as to what are the documents that we will need to get from the doctor and the hospital.

During these difficult periods, she has been really very helpful to us in assisting us to process out the claim from all different insurance companies; although these entire insurance plans were not bought from her (the actual insurance agent also has not been helping us during this period). We felt very assured and were able to concentrate in the medical treatment that my wife had to undergo.  My wife and I really appreciate the help given by Pamela throughout these times.

That’s why I say, a good insurance agent is the most important. As without a good insurance agent, you can have a lot of insurance coverage, but will there be anyone able to help you out when there is problem arise and guide on you?

Finally, I would like to really thank my new financial adviser representative Ms Pamela Chong for the help that has been rendered to us.

GEN Planner’s Thoughts:

I am really glad that Larry and his wife were referred to me and  I was able to assist them in making their claims, more importantly giving them a peace of mind for the claims such that they could concentrate on his wife treatment whole heartedly. ‘Helping people to maintain their quality of their lives especially in times of needs’ has always been one of my mottos in the business of Financial Planning.

Like many people that I have came across in my years in the business, they too have many plans. But that is not what matters, like what Larry says, the most important thing is having the advice and guidance to assist you through times that matter. And I am happy to share that Larry’s wife is recuperating well.

Article by Pamela Chong
Email: pamela.chong@gen.com.sg

The writer is a Associate Manager representing GEN Financial Advisory


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