In Client’s Words…How insurance helps even when no claim was made

Mr Fian, Boutique Manager in his early 30s

I met Siew Ling for the first time in 2009. I had a lot of friends in the financial industry but she left me with an impression of someone who is very sincere and there to help even though we had not known each other before our first meet up. After a few meet ups, she helped me to prepare my profile in a very neat and clear manner which I really appreciate as I had not signed up any policies with her, which makes it even more precious.

With change of job and higher salary come greater responsibilities which obstructed me from meeting her. During that period, I also had problems managing my money and I didn’t save as advised by her. Because of that, I felt stressed meeting her and I kept postponing our meet up when she called.

Years passed and she did not give up on me as a friend. To her, I was someone whom she really wanted to help and to keep in touch.

3 months ago, I decided not to take a friend like Siew Ling for granted and decided to meet up with her. On that meet up, it had really changed my life entirely!

Prior to meeting up with her, I had $30k of debts with different banks and credit cards. It was stressful. I tried to use different card and banks to restructure the loans and it didn’t help.

To have a better understanding of my financial health, Siew Ling got me to consolidate my debts and existing insurance plans. With her help, I managed to clear off my debts of $30k without the need to borrow any money from anyone. Not only that, I can now save more than $1k every month and be protected financially!

I am really grateful that I had found and met someone like Siew Ling and will definitely share my stories with my friends, for her to help more people!

GEN Planner Thoughts

It is always stressful to live in debts. The first stage in financial planning is to “Live within your means”. Most people who have debts “don’t know” how the debts happened. It is important to have regular reviews with your planner to have your financial health in check.

I’m glad Fian gave me the opportunity to follow up with him. The debts was resolved as Fian had insurance plans that he has been putting money into for more than 10 years. He didn’t realise that he can utilize some of the options in the insurance contracts such as policy loans and premium holidays that allowed him to withdraw money to pay off his debts and reduce his monthly fixed financial commitments.

This is the beauty of insurance plans, to be able help a person when money was needed the most.  In this case, without an insurance claim being made.

Story by Tay Siew Ling, ChFC


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