A retirement cashflow analysis is the first step towards understanding how well prepared you are for retirement. The analysis of how much income you will receive and the expenses you have in retirement help you in making the following common retirement planning decisions:

  • Which CPF-Life plan should you choose?
  • Which insurance policies should you keep?
  • Should you add more annuity to your portfolio?
  • What type of annuity should you consider?
  • Are you in a position to do legacy planning?

This service includes:

  1. Calculate and project your monthly expense from retirement age to age 100, taking into consideration inflation
  2. Calculate and project your insurance premiums that is required to continue in retirement including the cash portion of your integrated plans (if any)
  3. Calculate and project and additional expenses that might me incurred either partially or throughout retirement
  4. Calculate and project your CPF Life income
  5. Calculate and project income from private annuities
  6. Calculate and project investment income such as dividends and rental
  7. Calculate and project income from current savings (e.g. CPF balances, bank balances in retirement…etc)
  8. Calculate and project income from Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) for retirement
  9. Calculate and project income from endowment policies
  10. Calculate and project income from other sources

The net cashflow position will be calculated and analysed to help you understand if you will run out of money in retirement and if yes, at what age.

Cost: The cost of the service is for a one-time fee of $200.

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