People join People, not Companies


We believe that of all the occupations out there, being a financial planner ranks in the top 20.

Apparently, we are not the only one who thinks so.

CareerCast is a US-based organization that have been publishing jobs rating since 1988 using indicators such as work environment, stress levels and growth outlook to rate jobs and financial planners have always been in the top spots.

In Singapore, “best jobs” are measured differently – by income. Again, financial planners are right up in the top spots according to jobstreet and

As wonderful as we believe this career opportunity to be, we don’t think it is suitable for everyone.


Statistics from LIMRA International,
a leading trade association for insurance and financial services,
indicate that the average four-year retention rate for financial advisors is 15%*.
That means that only about one in ten remain in the career after the first four years.

*Source: Do Well by Doing Good, GAMA


While a career in financial planning ticks all the right boxes with regards to environment, outlook, stress and income levels, this should not be something everyone should dive into.

In GEN, our four-year retention rate is over 50%.

While we are not perfect, our GEN planners do stay long to look after their clients.

Part of our secret is the training we provide, another part is the support structure we have and perhaps another important piece is our culture.

To us, the real secret is that we take our time to select people who are the right fit.

More importantly, we ask potential candidates to take their time in considering if we are the right fit.

We have a three step process to help people understand if they are suitable to be a financial planner.

If you are keen to find out more and is prepared to invest three hours to do so, please fill up the form below.



When you send in the completed form and resume, we will provide you a complimentary resource guide

Do Well by Doing Good – Should I Become an Advisor in the Financial Services Industry? 

to help you take the first step in exploring this wonderful career.


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What’s Next?


3-Steps, 3 Hours and a Lifetime




We want to know about you…from you.

What do you look for in a career?

What is important to you?

Are you ready to work for yourself?

One of our supervisors will spend half an hour with you to have the discussion at our office. The initial discussion will end with a tour of our work environment and you telling us if you would like to continue to the next step.





A selection process is really a rejection process. We have to know if there is anything about you that should make you consider twice about pursuing a career in financial planning with us. 

We make the selection process meaningful by bringing you through the following :

  1. Red Flag Interview
  2. Personality Profiling
  3. Presentation on “The Good, The Bad and The Truth” about a career in financial planning
  4. FAQ with a GEN Planner

The whole process will usually take about 1 to 1.5 hours with interaction opportunities with GEN planners and support staff.

Throughout this step, the priority is to allow you to ascertain if this career and culture is the right fit.

If the results at the end of this step is positive, we should move on to the next step.



If you’ve come this far into the selection process and our vibes are positive, it’s time to make a decision.

One of our GEN supervisors will share with you how you have been evaluated both objectively and subjectively (we are humans after all!).

If we believe that a career as a financial planner is going to help you grow and GEN is the right place for you, we will make you an offer.

Nobody Succeeds Alone


Post-Offer: A Lifetime of Commitment

An offer to join our team is one of most important decisions we have to make. Every new member adds on to our culture and we owe it to the team to make the right decisions.

However, before you can actually begin, there will be a few more steps. They include:

  1. Reference Checks
  2. Examinations
  3. Training
  4. Business Planning

These final steps are the important set-ups to ensure you transition into the career smoothly. It will take an average of 8 weeks to complete. During this period, you will be invited to participate in the various GEN activities to see for yourself how we work and most importantly, how much we love what we do!



 It is really not that scary!







P.S. We do have other positions such as internship opportunities and temporary administration positions available.

Send us your resumes and we will keep you in mind when the positions are available.

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We dislike spam as much as you and will never rent or sell your information. By providing your personal data in the above field, you agree to the terms of use.