“I have known Shaun for more than a decade. He has always been passionate about his work and has a genuine interest in achieving the best for his clients. Keep up the great work, Shaun!”

Irene Lee

“Excellent financial planner advise from Shaun who is very patient in explaining each policy and the risks and benefits. He also listens to my needs and propose advice based on my needs.”

Chew Siew Cher

“A big thank you to Shaun, who has been a partner along our family’s journey through life. Shaun has been a constant through the ups and downs over the years, a trusted presence and advisor. We are looking forward to many more continued years with him!”

Alvin Looi

“Great personal follow up and plan according to individual needs. Shaun has ensure we have a worry free retirement plan and enjoy quality life along our journey together! Keep up the good job – 不忘初心!”

Wong Yee Ching

“Since my first meet up with Shaun, he has been helping me build up my retirement plan whilst ensuring that my family and I are adequately covered by insurance. After close to 20 yrs and yearly reviews with Shaun, my retirement plan has steadily grown and am now assured of a comfortable life after retirement. Thanks Shaun for the many years of advice and most importantly friendship. Cheers and wishing your team Merry Christmas and wonderful new year.”

Wilfred Wee

“Shaun has been our family’s trusted financial planner who is very responsive and knowledgeable. He always think in the shoes of his clients and introduce products which would be meaningful to our needs. Thank you for providing us with your professional advice thus far.”

Jennifer Xie

“I reached out to Meng Choe after reading one of his online news articles on the stages of retirement. We sat down and had a meaningful talk about my retirement plan, Meng Choe also advised on other critical insurance matters. I appreciate Meng Choe’a sincerity and insightfulness, and remains helpful just a phone call away. Thank you Meng Choe.”

Eunice Wong

“Choe has been a trustworthy and professional FA with great passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients! I will definitely continue to have him as mime and family FA and introduce to friends and relatives! Thank you, Choe, Lee Meng and Gen!”

Alan Ho

“Choe has been very attentive to my queries and has provided sound advice so far. Always enjoy his What’s up Memo and looking forward to more financial advices from him as I plan for my retirement. Thank you Choe 😊”

Michelle Ong

“We transitioned from clients to friends over the last 15 years. Choe is consistently available for calls or texts, patiently explaining and sharing information with professionalism. What sets him apart is his commitment to providing updates even when he’s out of town. He’s my go-to person whenever I encounter challenges. Grateful to have him in my network!”

Tan Ley Wee

“Uncle Choe was an advisor that received high praises from the person who introduced him to me, and after speaking to him, I can see why. I sense sincerity and honesty when it comes to providing advice and can also feel that he is earnest in wanting to help me become better at financial planning. He provides me with a lot of information to ensure that I know how my finances are being managed and is also a very kind/warm person. He also catered to my preferences when providing recommendations and does not use force/coercion which is greatly appreciated. I will definitely introduce him to my acquaintances if they are ever interested in seeking financial advice!”


“Very helpful and knowledgeable”

Ng Kee Bin

“Meng Choe is knowledgeable and always respond promptly to my queries and requests.”

Teh Yee Boon

“Helpful and knowledgeable advisor. Have been providing relevant advice and information as we move on to the different stages of life/retirement planning.”

Ai Ping

“Appreciates Meng Choe’s timely update of GEN events and his sharing of his knowledge in his regular emails and webinars.”

Geraldine Chong

“Knowledgeable in financial planning. Good advice. Not pushy. Worth as a friend as well”




“Lee Meng has been my financial advisor and friend for over 15 years. Over the years, she has managed to help me setup a comprehensive financial plan to ensure that i am sufficiently covered in healthcare and to achieve my desired goals. She is always cheery, patient and will take time to explain complex financial concepts in a way that i can understand which helps me make decision. I appreciate her dedication and passion to help improve people’s life through good financial planning. I strongly recommend Lee Meng to anyone looking for a financial advisor who can help them reach their financial goals.”

Shu Ting

“Lee Meng has been managing my portfolio for more than 15years. From a financial planner, she has become a trusted friend. Lee Meng is very professional, genuine and personable. She takes on a holistic view of financial planning, all the way to retirement needs. Every stage in life has different financial requirements and everyone is different. Lee Meng listens and understands. She follows up closely with her clients to share the latest updates of fund performance, as well as regularly reviewing their portfolios to ensure they are relevant with the planning needs over the years. Lee Meng is truly dependable and knows the market well. I will not hesitate to recommend her to everyone within my circle.”

Davinia Ng

“Lee Meng is a dedicated and faithful FP who makes a conscious effort to keep a lookout for any opportunities that will help me grow my portfolio so that I can leave a legacy behind. She makes my dreams and goals her dreams and goals. She keeps herself abreast of current development in the world and therefore is a dependable advisor who can provide the expert advice I need. I am able to enjoy financial security because of her.”

Danielle Neo

“I want to thank Lee Meng for the sharing of financial advices and guidance for my retirement planning. She is always thoughtful , kind and is a great listener. Am glad and grateful to have such a good friend in life.”

Goh Siok Kiang

“Lee Meng is more like a family friend than a financial planning agent – she always has your best interest at heart, is very patient and delivers great service to cater to our family’s financial planning needs.”


“Lee Meng has been dutifully working with my family and I for years. She has proven to be reliable, efficient and very good at helping us achieve our personal and financial goals.”

Dr. Sunder Balasubramaniam

“Lee Meng recommends products according to your risk appetite and is often able to give good advice on what to do when changes in the market happen. Her bite sized emails “What’s up memos” is easy to understand for a lay person like me.”

Wong Hwee Ming

“Lee Meng has been my trusted planner for years. I know I can always rely on her to provide me with the best information for my needs at different stages of my life. My friends and family who work with her too has the same sentiment as I do. She has very good work ethic. Thank you Lee Meng!”

Jean Koh

“She is a very diligent financial advisor and always keep us updated on the current volatile financial situation, giving us great advice for our fund investment. Very responsive in our enquiry on insurance related issue and helping us on keeping our insurance policies comprehensive.”

Foo Siew Hsiung

“Thanks Lee Meng for providing all the valuable insights and suggestions to ensure our whole family is covered! You have been such a great help and we appreciate your assistance.”


“Lee Meng has been a wonderful financial planner. She is thoughtful and takes into account personal circumstances when making recommendations.”

Kang Lin

“Sheela is a very dedicated and committed agent. Really thankful for her.”


“Sheela has been very patient and clear whenever she explains my different policies to me especially when I’m not savvy at all. Her planning is thorough and she advices with a good heart. I feel safe and taken care of with such a responsible planner.”

Mok Siu Mei

“Sheela remembers every detail discussed and is knowledgeable about the policies. She is a good planner who can be trusted.”

Siang Meng

“She is a good and wise planner. Good listener. Will give advice when in doubt. Quick response and reply. I am lucky to have her as my planner. Thank you Sheela!”

Alice Kua

“I got to know Sheela from 2019 after reading her article on retirement planning and got interested in knowing more. She is willing to put the needs of her client as first priority. She is willing to put in time and effort to understand their needs and offer the best products through her deep products knowledge. Her customer service is tip-top where she will always follow up with claims or enquiries at the fastest response time.”

Teng Tian Ching

“Sheela is a great listener and she caters to our family needs and helps us save for the future. Thank you for your continuous care for our policies and we highly recommend her service to all.”


“Appreciate the yearly financial review done by my planner! Like that she gives a comprehensive review and explanation, and shares very candidly on her opinions on how well we have done / how we can improve, the financial approach we should be taking etc. Always a great time talking and catching up too :)”

Gladys Loi

“Appreciate the sharing and guidance from Siew Ling, not only aim to help me identify my financial needs, but also facilitates me to understand my financial situation and my financial practices, and guide me how can I improve it better. This helps me to raise great awareness of my financial needs and direction, which I was a having very minimal self awareness towards my financial situation. Thanks Siew Ling, for being who you are, passionate in helping people in enhancing our quality of life in the long run.”

Shin Yun

“We have been with Sheela for many years. She is very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Jason Ho

“Really appreciate Sheela’s astute financial advice over the years, which is always practical and easy to understand.”

Tan Long

“Thanks for being passionate in bringing positive influences that leads to positive quality of life in clients.”

Shin Yun

“Siew Ling is a sincere friend who thinks the best of us and for us.”

Phua Yong Bin



“Lois understands what we want and does her best to help us achieve our retirement goals without being pushy.”

Tang Fong Yeng

“Lois, my reliable financial planner who I know I can count on for my family’s insurance and financial planning. Thank you for this wonderful 17 years of friendship! Wishing you and GEN another wonderful year ahead! Happy holidays to all! :)”


“Thank you so much for your assistance all these years on my financial planning journey,. Really good to have you around!”

Wee Chen Chean

“Andy has been my planner since i started working and he has always been prompt in my questions and seeks to understand what i need before showing me the options.”


“I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional service provided by Andy. His expertise and attention to detail ensured I have the best coverage tailored to my needs. His professionalism and prompt responses have made navigating insurance complexities a breeze. I highly recommend Andy’s services to anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable financial planner.”


“Andy is a dedicated planner who sincerely wishes to help his clients. After sharing my concerns with him in getting insurance, he patiently explained things and went straight to the point to tackle the concerns I had. He also went out of the way to help me appeal to remove health exclusions. Thank you Andy! :D”

Janessa Thong

“Andy is very knowledgeable and responsible. Always provide response to my queries swiftly! I have trust in him to handle all my insurance policies.”

Li Charng

“Andy has been prompt and responsive to all my impromptu enquiries on the policies I have gotten from him. It has been a pleasure to work with Andy and I hope he will continue to thrive in this industry!”

Zhou Shuping

“For almost 10yrs been trusted our adviser and giving more choices for the right coverage for me and my family that is suitable on our current financial status and we appreciate that a lot. We enjoy and grateful for the support that also giving us. This event is great family bonding. Thank you again for inviting us.”

Mah Marilou



“I really appreciate Jasmine’s support in my insurance planning. Jasmine has been very helpful and patient in the process. She also helped me whenever I have general insurance related enquiries. Thanks Jasmine!”

Loo Chu Hof

“I’m glad to have Jasmine as my insurance agent, she is compassionate and emphasizes with her clients. she does not hard sell but is able to give her clients a holistic view of what insurance is more applicable to which clientele. Keep up the good work for having as a good employee, Gen Insurance!”

Shi Hua

“Good financial analyst with great skill sets to get the job done. He showed great insight into what I needed and introduced some good solutions to the problem. He patiently explained what I lacked and the products that can solve the problems. A very genuine person with great passion for solving a client’s needs.”


“The event was well planned and I enjoyed myself. Planner suresh was very accommodating and has been a wonderful planner to work with, am very happy with the services provided by him”


“Suresh is someone with a tremendous amount of dedication. He takes the time to explain things so that I understand. Truly grateful and what an asset in Gen!”


“Suresh made me very comfortable with his approach from the very beginning. He was willing to invest the time needed to really understand my personal situation and requirements and helped me organise my vague approach to money into a proper financial plan. I now have much more confidence that I’ll have a secure financial future and am really happy I took this step with Suresh and Gen!”

Manasi Dutt