Buying an ILP is often not an easy decision, but if positioned properly, it could also be an excellent tool to grow our wealth.

Given the ever-changing environment nowadays with the presence of pandemic, historically high inflation, and the GST rate hike, our financial position has never been more vulnerable before, and thus, every single financial decision matters.

More often than not, people made a wrong decision on ILP due to the complexity and improper positioning. Therefore, my objective for this assessment is to help make the good decision easy for you, because I will get the tough part done!

This service will help you to review the following:

  • Overall Financial health
  • In-depth discussion about key factors such as future planning, family structure, income stability etc
  • Risk appetite evaluation & to determine a suitable investment returns
  • Determine the suitability for an ILP
    1. Recommendation and quotation for suitable ILP
    2. Recommendation of other possible options (if ILP is deemed not suitable for you)

Cost: Complimentary

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