Start (or restart) your investment journey with GEN and let us be your partner towards building wealth.

Investing with the help of a licensed professional can give you the added peace of mind that comes with a trusted second opinion and it is especially valuable if you are not familiar with the many considerations behind a sound investment decision.

In GEN, we use a proven financial planning process to help you make the best possible investing decisions based on your:

Investment Objectives

Risk Profile

Time Horizon

Financial Status and Budget

Only with enough understanding of your financial needs will we work with you to customise a portfolio that helps you start investing with a budget that you are comfortable with and into investments that you are confident in.


Customised Fee Structure

We will customise a reasonable advisory fee structure based on your investment needs instead of a fixed non-negotiable fee that may not be suited to your needs

Extensive Range Of Funds

We work with an integrated investment platform that has an extensive range of investment funds for you to choose from which can cater to your different investing goals

Guided by Financial Planning

We use a financial planning process to help you make holistic investment decisions that ensures the portfolios which you invest into is carefully considered and suitable


Investment is essential if you want to be financially successful over the long term and there are many approaches to investing. You should consider investing with GEN if you are of the following profile:

People Who Are “Time Challenged”

You do not have the spare time to research, monitor and manage an investment portfolio regularly over a period of time

People With No Interest To DIY

Whether it’s a lack of interest, mental blocks or you have other more important things such as family and personal health to focus on, you prefer not to manage your own investments

Who Are Comfortable Working With A Financial Planner

You are comfortable discussing your finances and is prepared to use the advice of a financial planner in your investment journey

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