Long term care planning is an important part of retirement planning and done correctly, you will be able to ensure that you will not be a financial burden at a time when lose your physical capabilities and independence.

On the other hand, if the planning is done incorrectly or worse, not done at all, Long Term Care needs can financially decimate your retirement resulting in you being both a financial and physical burden to your family and care givers.

It is not a pleasant subject but amongst all the planning items in your financial and retirement plan, this may be one of the most important to get right.




This service will help you to review the following:

  1. What are your current plans to provide for LTC needs?
  2. Are they sufficient should you suffer from LTC?
  3. How can you customise a plan to fund your LTC needs?

As part of this service, you will get 4 customised quotes (2 LTC supplements and 2 Annuities with LTC benefits) for your comparison.

Cost: Complimentary


  1. 您目前持有哪些可以资助长期护理需求的计划?
  2. 您未来如果需要长期护理,这些计划是否足够?
  3. 您可以如何定制一个帮您资助您长期护理需求的计划?



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