I strongly believe that when financial planning is done right, it can empower individuals to reach their highest potential and provide them with the opportunity to retire earlier.


Financial Services Consultant

RNF No. SSK300700869


Something About Me…

I have entered the financial services industry after successfully navigating the corporate marathon for nearly two decades with top multinational corporations (MNCs). In my most recent roles, I held senior and regional management positions across Asia.

Throughout my career, I have been responsible for my own personal financial planning as well as that of my family. Over time, I became motivated to achieve financial security as quickly as possible, observing an increasingly uncertain world and rapid changes in corporate culture.

Accomplishing this goal within a reasonable timeframe has provided me with an opportunity to pursue a new vocation that aligns more closely with my natural interests.

I strongly believe that when financial planning is executed correctly and promptly, it can enable individuals to realize their full potential and attain their retirement goals in a sustainable manner.

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

What I appreciate about being a Financial Planner is the realization that while many individuals may possess insurance policies or investments, only a few have a comprehensive financial plan that encompasses their holistic needs and provides a clear understanding of the big picture.

Therefore, when I guide someone through the financial planning process, step-by-step, and witness their moments of realization, there is a profound sense of satisfaction in being able to deliver value. It also helps that being highly analytical is one of my strengths.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

If I could offer just one piece of financial advice, it would be this: We dedicate a significant portion of our lives to accumulating wealth, and it is equally important to consider how to convert that wealth into a sustainable income. Wouldn’t it be better to embark on this journey with a map?

Start your financial planning as early as possible.


“Suresh is someone with a tremendous amount of dedication. He takes the time to explain things so that I understand. Truly grateful and what an asset in Gen!”


“The event was well planned and I enjoyed myself. Planner suresh was very accommodating and has been a wonderful planner to work with, am very happy with the services provided by him”


“Good financial analyst with great skill sets to get the job done. He showed great insight into what I needed and introduced some good solutions to the problem. He patiently explained what I lacked and the products that can solve the problems. A very genuine person with great passion for solving a client’s needs.”


“Suresh made me very comfortable with his approach from the very beginning. He was willing to invest the time needed to really understand my personal situation and requirements and helped me organise my vague approach to money into a proper financial plan. I now have much more confidence that I’ll have a secure financial future and am really happy I took this step with Suresh and Gen!”

Manasi Dutt

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