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Lee Meng Choe
Executive Director (Advisory)

RNF No. LMC200165729
BsSc (Hons) Account & Finance, FChFP

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Something About Me…

I entered the financial services industry in 2001, after serving for 3 years as a regular officer in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Finding out the best strategies for retirement planning is what keeps me excited every day when I enter the office.

I see my work as learning about people and money and using what I’ve learnt to help my clients build better financial plans for their future.

I Specialize In…

Retirement planning for people in the pre-retirement phase which I define as within 10 years to expected retirement. This is the stage where there are many financial planning decisions to make and due to the shortage of time to retirement, a wrong decision can be especially costly.

I consider myself to be just outside the pre-retirement phase so it allows me to understand the issues quite well while at the same time, retain a healthy personal interest in this particular area of financial planning.

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

Being able to help people where it matters.

Beyond the numbers crunching, it is still about helping people plan for a future they can’t or don’t know how to do by themselves.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

Starting by telling the truth about your financial position or get a financial planner who will tell you the truth – not just the nice things you want to hear.

This first step if done right, will save you a lot of grief later.

My Most Treasured Memory At Work…

When a client told me in jest that I am a key person to him and wanted to buy “keyman insurance” on me.

He said that to cheer me up when I was hospitalized but it meant a lot to me, even if it may not mean anything to him!