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“I see my work as learning about people and money and using what I’ve learnt to help my clients build better financial plans for their future.”


Executive Director (Advisory)

RNF No. LMC200165729
BsSc (Hons) Account & Finance, FChFP


Something About Me…

I entered the financial services industry in 2001, after serving for 3 years as a regular officer in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Finding out the best strategies for retirement planning is what keeps me excited every day when I enter the office.

I see my work as learning about people and money and using what I’ve learnt to help my clients build better financial plans for their future.

I Specialize In…

Retirement planning for people in the pre-retirement phase which I define as within 10 years to expected retirement. This is the stage where there are many financial planning decisions to make and due to the shortage of time to retirement, a wrong decision can be especially costly.

I consider myself to be just outside the pre-retirement phase so it allows me to understand the issues quite well while at the same time, retain a healthy personal interest in this particular area of financial planning.

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

Being able to help people where it matters.

Beyond the numbers crunching, it is still about helping people plan for a future they can’t or don’t know how to do by themselves.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

Starting by telling the truth about your financial position or get a financial planner who will tell you the truth – not just the nice things you want to hear.

This first step if done right, will save you a lot of grief later.

My Most Treasured Memory At Work…

When a client told me in jest that I am a key person to him and wanted to buy “keyman insurance” on me.

He said that to cheer me up when I was hospitalized but it meant a lot to me, even if it may not mean anything to him!


“I reached out to Meng Choe after reading one of his online news articles on the stages of retirement. We sat down and had a meaningful talk about my retirement plan, Meng Choe also advised on other critical insurance matters. I appreciate Meng Choe’a sincerity and insightfulness, and remains helpful just a phone call away. Thank you Meng Choe.”

Eunice Wong

“We transitioned from clients to friends over the last 15 years. Choe is consistently available for calls or texts, patiently explaining and sharing information with professionalism. What sets him apart is his commitment to providing updates even when he’s out of town. He’s my go-to person whenever I encounter challenges. Grateful to have him in my network!”

Tan Ley Wee

“Choe has been very attentive to my queries and has provided sound advice so far. Always enjoy his What’s up Memo and looking forward to more financial advices from him as I plan for my retirement. Thank you Choe 😊”

Michelle Ong

“Choe has been a trustworthy and professional FA with great passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients! I will definitely continue to have him as mime and family FA and introduce to friends and relatives! Thank you, Choe, Lee Meng and Gen!”

Alan Ho

“Uncle Choe was an advisor that received high praises from the person who introduced him to me, and after speaking to him, I can see why. I sense sincerity and honesty when it comes to providing advice and can also feel that he is earnest in wanting to help me become better at financial planning. He provides me with a lot of information to ensure that I know how my finances are being managed and is also a very kind/warm person. He also catered to my preferences when providing recommendations and does not use force/coercion which is greatly appreciated. I will definitely introduce him to my acquaintances if they are ever interested in seeking financial advice!”


“Meng Choe is knowledgeable and always respond promptly to my queries and requests.”

Teh Yee Boon

“Helpful and knowledgeable advisor. Have been providing relevant advice and information as we move on to the different stages of life/retirement planning.”

Ai Ping

“Appreciates Meng Choe’s timely update of GEN events and his sharing of his knowledge in his regular emails and webinars.”

Geraldine Chong

“Knowledgeable in financial planning. Good advice. Not pushy. Worth as a friend as well”


“Very helpful and knowledgeable”

Ng Kee Bin

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