Today, in the information age, many of us are being paid to handle stress—stress in the form of deadlines, working long and odd hours or even having continuous information flickering on the screens of our smartphones that require our immediate attention and decisions. In fact, the highest paying jobs may not be the most physically demanding but rather, they are usually the most mentally and/or emotionally stressful.

The good thing is that in the right jobs, you can be paid very well. In my work with clients, it is not uncommon to have clients being confident of being able to retire in their 40s or early 50s if they can keep doing what they are doing.

However, accompanying the confidence is the lingering fear of not being able to continue at this high level for the long term and it’s not because of their ability but because their bodies (and health) may not be able to take it.

For women, there is the added role of being a caregiver – to parents or children – that adds onto the challenge of “doing it all”.


Having a comprehensive insurance portfolio that protects against the health risks of today’s lifestyle is an essential part of every woman’s financial plan. Advancements in medical technology have enabled early detection of illnesses and a high probability of making good recovery. While the options are there, they often come at a price.

This is where having an updated insurance portfolio is so important to give you the confidence to continue to give your all while knowing that should you fall, you will not be using your hard-earned money to pay for any medical bills and your loss of income is completely covered.

Hence, during every review with my female clients, I always narrow my focus towards a few questions:

  • Are you confident that you are adequately prepared if you ever lose your health?

  • Do your current protection plans provide you with the funds to pay off your house mortgage in such an event?

  • Are your costs, bills and monthly expenses fully provided for if you survive a critical illness like breast cancer or stroke?

  • If you discover a critical illness in the early stages, do you need an insurance payout?

  • Do you have women’s insurance that comes with complimentary medical checkup to get your health checked despite the busyness of life?


If you feel it’s time to give your insurance portfolio a “fashion check”, sign up for my Insurance Portfolio Review Service.

The review will take around 45 minutes, during which I will lead you through a calculation analysis to answer the questions listed above. You can choose to meet up in person or over Zoom for your convenience.


The review also includes a one-time compilation of all your insurance policies in an app. Your insurance information can be uploaded in an app for convenient access. In addition, the app comes with medical and lifestyle benefits to help you save money through preferred partners rates.

The Insurance Portfolio Review Service For Women cost is a one-time fee of $100 nett.

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About Lee Meng

Lee Meng, Executive Financial Services Consultant, is a certified Chartered Financial Practitioner with a primary focus of using the “Building Transferable Wealth” concept in solving the financial issues for her personal clients.

She also specializes in helping companies formulate a proper plan to integrate employee benefits into their culture.

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