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“I see my work as a way to reflect my desire to grow, to provide and to contribute.”


Executive Financial Services Consultant

RNF No. LMX200165625
B. Business (Banking & Finance), FChFP, AFC


Something About Me…

I entered the financial services industry in 2002 straight after completing my business degree in banking and finance from Nanyang Technological University with an attitude to “try”.

Well, this attempt to “try” turned out to be a career that I’ve learnt to love.

Being a Libra, balance is very important to me and I find that balance by being a working mother. When I’m stressed at work, I think of my family and when the children (3 lovely daughters) get on my nerves, I think of my clients. It has been working very well so far!

I Specialize In…

Financial planning for women. I see my work as helping women who are pregnant, single and also those in their pre-retirement phase to clear the complexities of their financial decision making. One client remarked that I’m like a “Financial Gynae” and that to me is a compliment!

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

I see my work as a way to reflect my desire to grow, to provide and to contribute.

The nature of the financial planning services business gives me the opportunity to make an impact on the welfare of both an individual and the society.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

Don’t do it yourself if you can’t afford the time and effort, even if you can understand the concepts of financial planning very well.

The cost of procrastination can often be much greater than the cost of acquiring help.


“Lee Meng has been my financial advisor and friend for over 15 years. Over the years, she has managed to help me setup a comprehensive financial plan to ensure that i am sufficiently covered in healthcare and to achieve my desired goals.

She is always cheery, patient and will take time to explain complex financial concepts in a way that i can understand which helps me make decision.

I appreciate her dedication and passion to help improve people’s life through good financial planning.

I strongly recommend Lee Meng to anyone looking for a financial advisor who can help them reach their financial goals.”

Shu Ting

“Lee Meng has been managing my portfolio for more than 15years. From a financial planner, she has become a trusted friend. Lee Meng is very professional, genuine and personable. She takes on a holistic view of financial planning, all the way to retirement needs. Every stage in life has different financial requirements and everyone is different.

Lee Meng listens and understands. She follows up closely with her clients to share the latest updates of fund performance, as well as regularly reviewing their portfolios to ensure they are relevant with the planning needs over the years.

Lee Meng is truly dependable and knows the market well. I will not hesitate to recommend her to everyone within my circle.”

Davinia Ng

“Navigating the complexities of financial planning can be a daunting task, especially when faced with life’s unpredictable events. However, with the guidance by Lee Meng, a skilled and empathetic financial advisor, the journey towards financial security and well-being becomes a breeze.

I am incredibly fortunate to have Lee Meng as my financial advisor. Her ability to transform complex financial concepts into easily understandable terms has been instrumental in my financial journey. From the early stages of my career to the challenges of parenthood and an unexpected life events, she has consistently tailored her advice to my unique circumstances.

Her patience and thoroughness during the process of financial claims were exceptional. She meticulously guided me through every step, ensuring that I understood the intricacies of the process and felt confident in my decisions. Her expertise extended beyond the paperwork; she provided valuable emotional support and reassurance during a stressful time.

Beyond her technical knowledge, Lee Meng possesses a wealth of experience drawn from the diverse circumstances of her clients. She has a remarkable ability to identify patterns and draw parallels, offering insights that would have otherwise remained hidden. Her ability to contextualize my situation within a broader framework has been invaluable in making informed financial decisions.

I am deeply grateful for Lee Meng’s unwavering commitment to my financial well-being. She is not merely an advisor; she is a trusted confidante who genuinely cares about my future. Her guidance and support have empowered me to take control of my finances and face life’s challenges with confidence.”

Krystal Liau


Danielle Neo

“I want to thank Lee Meng for the sharing of financial advices and guidance for my retirement planning. She is always thoughtful , kind and is a great listener. Am glad and grateful to have such a good friend in life.”

Goh Siok Kiang

“Lee Meng is more like a family friend than a financial planning agent – she always has your best interest at heart, is very patient and delivers great service to cater to our family’s financial planning needs.”


“Lee Meng has been dutifully working with my family and I for years. She has proven to be reliable, efficient and very good at helping us achieve our personal and financial goals.”

Dr. Sunder Balasubramaniam

“Lee Meng recommends products according to your risk appetite and is often able to give good advice on what to do when changes in the market happen. Her bite sized emails “What’s up memos” is easy to understand for a lay person like me.”

Wong Hwee Ming

“Lee Meng has been my trusted planner for years. I know I can always rely on her to provide me with the best information for my needs at different stages of my life. My friends and family who work with her too has the same sentiment as I do. She has very good work ethic. Thank you Lee Meng!”

Jean Koh

“She is a very diligent financial advisor and always keep us updated on the current volatile financial situation, giving us great advice for our fund investment. Very responsive in our enquiry on insurance related issue and helping us on keeping our insurance policies comprehensive.”

Foo Siew Hsiung

“Thanks Lee Meng for providing all the valuable insights and suggestions to ensure our whole family is covered! You have been such a great help and we appreciate your assistance.”


“Lee Meng has been a wonderful financial planner. She is thoughtful and takes into account personal circumstances when making recommendations.”

Kang Lin

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