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“Financial planning stems from personal accountability – love for the family and not being a burden to the loved ones.”


Executive Financial Services Consultant

RNF No. TSL200165677
B.Bus (Actuarial Science), ChFC, AFC


Something About Me…

I entered the financial services industry in 2007 after graduating with a degree in actuarial science.

Positioning my clients for life’s uncertainties against dying too soon, falling seriously ill along the way and accidentally living too long, is what makes the work interesting and fulfilling. Being an adviser allows me to touch lives where it matters most. =)

I Specialize In…

Protecting families through:

1) Personal risk management
2) Retirement planning
3) Dependent planning

Financial planning stems from personal accountability – love for the family and not being a burden to the loved ones. It should start with an individual and eventually extend to family members i.e. spouse, parents and children because “no man is an island” in a family.

Fears and financial difficulties often arise when there is a loss of health and someone in the family happens to fall sick (without a plan). That’s what prompted me to specialize in family planning i.e having a discussion on spouse, parents and kids planning beyond personal planning — because planning should be done in totality and not only on an personal level.

What I Like Most About Being A Financial Planner Is…

Making a difference to people’s lives because of the work that I do.

Whether it is budgeting for a house so that they don’t over-commit, planning for old age so that they can live in dignity, forming a savings habit or having the choice of care and peace of mind when they fall seriously ill, I like to think that I have made some positive difference and I’m thankful that financial planning gave me the opportunity to do so.

If I Can Only Give One Piece Of Financial Advice, It Is…

Start by living within your means. This helps to build character and personal habits, which is the basis of financial planning.

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